A blind is stuck, what do I do?

If your apartment has an individual boiler

  • The pressure should be between 1 and 1.5. If it is below, contact us and we can help in raising the pressure or any other questions you may have about the boiler.

  • Monitor heating consumption

    • Ideal temperature is around 21-22 degrees. If you are hot, do not close the radiators, it is better to lower the temperature of heating.

    • Turn off heating at 23:00h. The environment and your pocket will thank you.

    • When we ventilate the house, we turn off heating.

    • If you leave home, turn off heating.

How to use the intercom?

What to do if a lightbulb burns out

House ventilation

It is very important to ventilate the house every day and to avoid setting the heat to a very high temperature since condensation can occur in the walls and windows. Consult our blog for more information.

The power has gone out, what do I do?

Before calling, make sure there is not a problem with the building or the leads have been lowered due to a network overload.

How to use the ceramic hob?

How to use the oven?

Have questions? Contact us by phone at (+34) 608 606 959 or by email tenants@madrideasy.com