Tenants have a right to have the landlord repair any issues with the flat’s installations and appliances, due to reasonable use. If the issues have been caused by negligent or improper use, the repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. If not reported, all tenants are liable to the full extent as stated in the contract.

Outside of working hours, if there is an incident in the apartment that is truly an emergency and it is impossible to live in the house or your health or one of the roommates is in serious danger, you must call 112 which attends possible emergencies you can have in the flat.

If it is not an emergency, but there is a problem with the flat or a concern or question about the contract, please wait until our offices open to resolve the issue.

It is important that we ask for the flat insurance in case there is a need for our services.

All our apartments have home insurance that covers emergency situations, such as, for example, if you lose the keys to the apartment, the insurance coverage will only be for opening the entrance door to the home. For this reason, it is important to inform us in a timely manner to communicate with the home insurance and open the urgent file; this can take a maximum of 3 hours from the time reported. Avoid privately calling a locksmith, since they charge between 200 and 300 euros for this service.

In terms of cleaning services, in flats that have this service, the cleaning of individual rooms, plates, organizing the apartment, and taking out trash are not included.