Service Fee

MadridEasy charges tenants a service fee every time a reservation is booked for the use of our online platform. This service fee is added to tenant payments. It covers the cost of running the site and allows us to offer an amazing number of housing properties all over Madrid.

The exact amount for the tenant service fee depends on the type of property and the type of organization or program. The more rooms booked the larger the service fee amount, on average each room booked has a service fee of 450€ (VAT not included). Booking an entire Apartment, the fee would be a month of rent plus VAT. However tenants from certain programs and organizations are entitled to a number of discounts.

Tenant service fees are specified in each property overview. Once a reservation has been made our support staff will confirm your request and provide you with the total amount to be paid in order to secure a reservation. The total you receive is the complete price of a reservation, with the service fees included and is calculated from the listing’s pricing settings.

Other services are offered for all tenants such as; airport shuttle service, bedding, public transportation passes and more. All of these, when selected by a tenant, will be added on to the total amount. You can find a list of our additional services here.