Check in


After booking a property, you must provide Madrideasy with information about:

  • Exact date and time of the arrival to the property.
  • Flight information (if applied).

(The check-in will be organized ONLY IF ALL the requirements* are completed by the tenant)

Said information has to be sent to Madrideasy at least 48 hours before the arrival to the property.

Check-in Times

Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. No check-in fees required.

(Holidays excluded)

Tenant should first pass by Madrideasy office located in Calle Cebreros 152, Local MadridEasy 28011, Madrid to sign the contract.

Check-in outside business hours 

Monday – Friday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

IMPORTANT: Clients who request to check-in within this time frame, will need to pay a fee of 50€ (+21% VAT) per person.**

Check-in during weekends & holidays

Saturday – Sunday & holidays from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

IMPORTANT: Clients who request to check-in within this time frame, will need to pay a fee of 50€ (+21% VAT) per person.***

Non Check-in Times  Check-ins are not conducted on:
from 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM
Airport Shuttle Conditions  Tenants that have selected and paid for the airport shuttle service have 7 days before their arrival to provide Madrideasy with their flight details. Tenants that experience flight delays, cancellations, delays in immigration or in baggage claim must contact Madrideasy & the shuttle service company  as soon as possible. Drivers will wait a maximum of 60 minutes at the airport. If not notified of any delays/cancellations drivers will leave and tenants will forfeit their shuttle service.****
  Contact Information

Shuttle Service Company: +34 647 774 806

Madrideasy Customer Service: +34 915 938 352 / +34 609 448 304 / +34 608 606 959

Skype: MadridEasy2013


Tenants who don’t wish to pay the off hours check-in fee, in order to move into their reserved booking, will have to wait until the next established WEEKDAY check-in time.

Request of the off hours check-in service has to be submitted 7 days before the arrival to the property. Check-in service fee must be paid either on the day of the arrival in cash or along with the first month rental payment before arrival.

*Before you check-in (receive the keys of your property), you should have:

  • finished all the following payment: first month’s rent, first month´s utilities fees (if applied), security deposit and related management fee. In case of the payment is made by bank transfer, a justification should be provide to MadridEasy before the check-in as the transfer usually takes days to arrive.
  • provided all the needed documents (passport, enrollment paper or work contract, etc.)
  • signed the contract
The contract will be signed in Madrideasy office for free check-in; the contract will be signed in the apartment for Check-in out-side business hours.

**Tenants landing in Madrid around or close to 7:00PM, are recommended to find alternative accommodation for that evening.

Normally it takes around 2-3 hours to collect the luggage, pass through immigration and arrive from the airport to the booked property. Therefore, it´s possible that checking-in will no longer be possible. The check-in will be arranged the next day within the pre-established time frame.

***Clients who want to request the off hours check-in service, however, arriving within the weekend or during a holiday around or close to 9:00PM, will need to find alternate accommodations until the next day (after 9:00AM) in order to check in at the established time. 

***Airport shuttle service prices are per person and per trip. You must inform Madrideasy 7 days before your arrival where you would like your drop-off point to be:

  • Option 1: Airport –> Alternative accommodation or
  • Option 2: Alternative accommodation –> Property booked with Madrideasy.